Responsibly Serving Alcohol in Bars

Serving alcohol is a matter of responsibility that needs to be taken care seriously. Different venues have different kind of conditions and environments so all of them should be handled accordingly. Bars are places where people typically come for one reason: drinking. They should be handled professionally and in a controlled manner. Bar tenders and other serving staff should have awareness of safe and responsible serving. Following are key points that must be taken care of when serving alcohol in bars.

  • Keep children out of the bar. Only adults above 21 of age should be allowed to enter. Entry of children should be strictly prohibited.
  • People coming to the bar should be advised to not to consume alcohol more than a normal quantity of alcohol (this can be done simply by posting written warnings on a menu or entrance).
  • Do not fill the glass if people are not asking for it. Some people will drink more if you offer and may feel odd to say no in front of other people.
  • Always check the condition of the person. Do not serve to a person who is already drunk.
  • People with violent and aggressive attitude or with any kind of disorder should not be allowed to enter. There should be a strict policy about it because this may result in  serious problems.
  • People should not be over-served alcohol. Some people can control themselves after over drinking but not everyone. So never let anyone drink more than normal.
  • Soft drinks should also be displayed in a visible place so that people can see and buy them
  • Difficult situations should be handled quickly and quietly.
  • Do not let people compete against each other in drinking games as this will only cause trouble and lead to excessive drinking.
  • Banners and posters should be displayed to encourage people to show responsible behavior.
  • Always stay close to the drinks and never leave them unattended. People may take advantage of your absence so guard those drinks!
  • Do not argue with an intoxicated person.
  • Always arrange for drunks to ride in a taxi and/or send them off only with responsible person.
  • Make sure you get alcohol server training before actually serving alcohol (DUH!)